21 day charity challenge

Do something for yourself and give back these holidays!

Introducing our charity challenge.The only 21 day HIIT challenge that gives 100% of the proceeds to Ronald McDonald House Parkville!

SPACE IS LIMITED: Since it is such a discount for 21 days training and because it's such a great cause it will be popular! We are only accepting 20 participants who are 100% committed to getting in great shape in the next 21 days! 

STARTS: 4th Dec , 2017


Time until registration closes

 Supercharge your health, energy levels, strength and fat loss in 21 days so you look & feel better - just in time for the holidays!


Brad Hodgetts here...I am super excited to announce our 21 Day HIIT Charity Challenge! It runs from 4 - 23 December 2017 and is 3 weeks of amazing energy boosting, fat burning workouts for only $79 but the best part is 100% will be donated b JOLT to the Ronald Mcdonald House Parkville.  

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) involves total body, resistance-based exercises done in quick succession with little or no rest between. HIIT protocols use a variety of work to rest ratios performed for multiple rounds. Typical workouts last 10 – 30 minutes (not including warm-up and cool-down). This program is GUARANTEED to help you burn fat at a fraction of the time and it's super fun! 

We all feel like we want to give back at this time of year but finding the time isnt easy. But with our Charity Challenge - this is your opportunity! 

So if you’re serious about getting in shape, looking and feeling your best, and giving back to the kids who need it most, then this is the program for you! And since we've lowered the price to ONLY $79, there’s no better time to get in great shape than now.  

Do something for yourself these holidays, while giving back to those in need!

 Bonus for this challenge! 

Our Christmas Holiday Survival Guide is full of workouts and tips to help you survive the holidays once the challenge is over! We'll send you copy once you've signed up or the Charity Challenge. 


The “fine print”: Offer available to New Clients only, and cannot be combined with any other offer. No refunds available once participation is confirmed. We are not liable for any injuries before, during, or after your workout, but we do our best to keep you safe anyway. JOLT Yourself Into Life!

Check out what our members say...

I"I have been apart of the JOLT fitness family for the last three years. I started up one January when I decided I wanted to take control of my health. The best thing about joining JOLT is not just the kilo's I lost and the strength I gained, but the education I received. I now feel like I have a much better understanding of my nutrition and health. 

JOLT Fitness has helped me to set goals and stay motivated. During my time with JOLT I have had my first child, in which time JOLT helped me to maintain a level of fitness throughout my pregnancy and then build it up again thereafter. JOLT Fitness is a way of life and not a trend or fad that you cannot sustain. It is a community of diverse and caring people who all support one another no matter their level of athleticism or ability. I cannot recommend it enough, JOLT Fitness is the total package. 😊 👊 Louise Shipton

"I was going to the gym regularly, but I didn’t really know what I was doing, and was just going to whatever machine was free and giving it a go. The sessions had no structure and there was a lack of awareness and assistance to get the most out of it. Whilst I was reasonably active, I wasn’t really showing many results in weight loss, body composition or fitness improvement.

"I had reservations about joining the group training at JOLT Fitness to be honest, I really hadn’t given it any consideration before, because I didn’t think I’d like training in a group."I was really surprised that the group training aspect was fantastic for me and really created the motivation to attend daily. Not only are the people in the group really friendly and good fun to be around, it’s also a very encouraging environment.”

 "The results have been significant, I quickly went well below my goal weight and am now a lot leaner, having lost half of my body fat. More importantly I feel so much stronger and my fitness and energy levels have improved dramatically. I look forward to training every morning, even during winter, and feel energised and motivated throughout the day.” Ben Willox 

“After having my first baby, I wanted to have the kickstart to get me back into regular exercise again. I feel stronger (and lighter), have more energy, and improved fitness, all after only 6 weeks. I enjoyed the stress relief of boxing and running (whilst very challenging) was great fun to do (even at 6am in the middle of a cold Melbourne winter) with a great group of people and of course Brad”. Jasmine Medved 

Don't miss out - limited spots available!