Are you ready to become a Winter Warrior?

Don't like gyms or the thought of joining one? Want more energy and improved mood this winter? Want a challenge that rewards you for getting started with the habit of exercise during winter not the stress of just losing weight?

Our Winter Warrior challenge is 8 weeks of focused training designed to help people build the habit of consistant exercise, enhance their mood, increase their energy, move better, get stronger, fitter and leaner and start or maintain an exercise program in winter so they are ready to roll into spring ENERGISED and with a solid foundation for change. 

WARNING: Spaces are limited and we are only accepting 10 new participants to join our current members to train over winter and form the habit of exercise in the next 8 WEEKS! 

STARTS: 17th June , 2019


Time until registration closes

Every Winter we hold our "Winter Warrior" challenge to keep our clients accountable and focused on continuing to train, staying happy, lean and maintaining their physical and mental fitness during the colder months.  

Our group training program is designed so you can be the healthiest you can be at any age and to prepare you for the ongoing physical demands of modern life and this doesn't stop in winter. Our everyday fitness requires us to carry out diverse tasks daily like:  

Sprinting for a bus or tram.  

The daily lifting on children.  

Carrying heavy shopping bags.  

Getting in the garden and moving rubbish or bags of mulch and leaves.  

Carrying luggage when on holidays.  

Participate in sports and games with kids whenever they want!  

Participating in community sporting events.  

Recovering from operations and surgery.  

Functioning under high levels of stress.

Our program is based on functional movements, teamwork and training that replicates real life situations like the ones mentioned above. Our practical and functional training program allows you to become better equipped at dealing with all those unpredictable demands and life's many stresses that are thrown at you.  

The side effect of this type of training program includes fat loss, stronger mindset (to deal with adversity like training in the colder months), better movement and mobility, stronger bones, a sense of community and a strong toned body!

This challenge is open to current and non members who would like to do 8 weeks of focused training over winter and come out the other side less stressed, stronger, fitter and leaner, ready to roll into Spring ENERGISED, CONFIDENT and STRONG.  

Here's the details, key dates and what's included: Challenge dates 17th June - 10th August 2019. Final testing, assessments and post challenge week; 12th August 2019.

Goals/Outcome: To enhance mood, increase energy levels, impliment a consistant level of exercise over winter, improve performance, burn unwanted body fat, maintain or build muscle and stay happy and energised over winter.  

Program: Our Winter Warrior program is a High Intensity, Boxing/Kick Boxing and Metabolic Conditioning and strength program catered for all levels. The workouts are short and fast, burn lots of calories, increase lean muscle and are adaptable to all levels. No workout goes for more than 30min with the rest of our 1 hour session focused on warmup, cool down and getting you moving better and without pain!

Cost: Members Free, Non Members $224 (Bonus training if registered early and includes trial week for new members).

Includes: Full body fitness benchmarks at start and finish, weekly missions to learn more about health, support through closed Facebook group and via email and information on how to enhance your health over winter and beyond.

How to win: The challenge is simple; who ever earns the most points over the period is the winner. Points are earned for attendance of sessions (max 3 points per week), completeing weekly bonus workouts (1 per week), benchmark improvements, Facebook/Google reviews and check ins, completing weekly health and fitness missions or bonus sessions (including watching or attending workshops or seminars), referring members for a trial during the "Winter Buddy Week".

Prizes: MAJOR PRIZE is a trip away for 2 valued at over $500. More prizes including a 180 Nutrition protein, foam rollers and apparel announced during the challenge. 

Are you ready to become a Winter Warrior?  

Commit to train and stay strong (or become strong) over winter and kick winter's butt! The work you do now can make it so much easier to be energised and happier come Spring.

Watch the video below to see what other clients say about training with us and our challenges.


100% Money-Back Guarantee Join today and go through the entire 8-Weeks. Follow the program and if at end you don’t feel that you are getting the results you want or that this program did not work for you, just let me know and I will issue a full refund, no questions asked, no hassles, no hard feelings. 

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Get in touch with us TODAY to find out how to get started on your path to beating the Winter blues whilst looking & feeling better than ever in the next 10 weeks!